Toym Imao’s Kontra Punto

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Toym Imao is a Filipino multi-media artist whose art is known for its commentary on Filipino social conditions, as well as for its pop culture sensibilities. He is a sculptor and painter in both classical and contemporary styles, and a writer, set/production designer, and filmmaker. Spanning an art career of more than 30 years, his works can be found in major cities in the Philippines, Vietnam, the USA, and Europe.

The Kontra Punto video project showcases the dedication of “a small monument built on a solid stand with a big story to tell” on September 8, 2021. This is to honor the efforts of the people who stood up for our freedom, sovereignty, nature, and patrimony which is our true wealth as a nation. It is part of The 2021 Quincentennial Commemorations in the Philippines (2021 QCP), a series of commemorations marking the 500th anniversary of the role of the country in the Magellan–Elcano circumnavigation, and the victory of Lapulapu in the Battle of Mactan.

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