Hire the best Filipino artists for any creative project

Husay is perfect for businesses looking to tap into the vast pool of Filipino artistic talent. With Husay, you can easily find and work with a wide variety of vetted artists, making your creative projects a breeze. So why wait? Get started with Husay today!


Send your project brief
Give us the deets


Hop on a kickoff meeting
We'll match you with the right artist and meet them through video call!


Done! Let’s work together!
Husay is your partner all the way!

Why businesses love Husay

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Husay help my business?
Husay is an artist management platform matching the right artists with the right projects. We are your partner project managers throughout the whole process: sourcing to project completion.

How can we post projects?
Just send your project brief to mabuhay@husay.co with these details: - Project Title - Date of Creation - Project Description - Scope of work - Deadline - Skills Needed - Relevant Files - Project Budget

Can I post my project brief for free?

After we send the project brief, what happens next?
Once you send the brief, we will match you with artists we think fit the relevant skills and your budget. We will then schedule a kickoff meeting through video call with you and the artist/s for further discussion.

Do you have other fees?
We charge a fee for additional revision costs, cancellation fee, and incomplete fee. This will be discussed with you by our dedicated account manager. However, for this year, cancellation and incomplete fees are fully waived!

What are your available payment methods?
You may pay us through bank transfer, Mastercard and Visa cards, and Gcash.