Noel Blanco

Noel Blanco


Actor and Stunt Artist

Noel Blanco is a graduate of the Ateneo de Manila University, which is also where he started acting. As a member of Tanghalang Ateneo, he joined several productions, which would create a deep love for the art for many years to come. After graduating college, Noel got a Master's degree in Business Management from the Ateneo Graduate School and a second degree in Exercise Science from the University of the Philippines Diliman.

Years later, after holding several office jobs, he would return to acting in 2014, when he studied under Blake Allen at Actor's Studio East. Here he would learn the Meisner and Stanislavski acting techniques, and decide to make acting the profession he would focus on. 

Later that same year, he would land his first role in film, as a Muslim soldier in the Metro Manila Film Festival movie "Muslim Magnum .357". It is here that he would discover that his natural athleticism made him a natural for stuntwork on film, and so studied stunt fighting for stage and screen under several mentors.

Today, Noel has starred in several short films, and has appeared in many full length feature films and commercials. He still studies acting techniques and trains in screen fighting on a daily basis, with the goal to be the best actor he can possibly be.

  • Performer since: 2014

  • Location: Quezon City

  • Interests & Skills: Acting, Movies, Martial Arts, Weight Training; Meisner, Stanislavski, Chekhov, Viewpoints acting techniques, Professionally trained in screen and staging fighting and stunts, Advanced Taekwondo, Martial Arts Tricking

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  • “Actor’s Studio East”, Commercial (2014)

  • “Muslim Magnum .357”, MMFF Movie (2014)

  • “Piyesa”, Short Film (2015)

  • “Ahleli”, Short Film (2015)

  • “Kung Ako si Asiong”, Short Film (2015)

  • “Teen Model Fights Back”, Web Series, 21 episodes (2015 – Present)

  • “Pinoy Rivals 2”, Short Film (2015)

  • “Girls of Action: Maldita”, Short Film (2015)

  • “Rocket Girl”, Commercial (2015)

  • “Assassin Interrogation”, Short Film (2015)

  • “Veteran’s Bank”, Commercial (2015)

  • “James Bond vs. Kingsman”, Short Film (2015)

  • “Wang Fam”, Movie (2015)

  • “AXA”, Internal Video (2015)

  • “Nilalang”, MMFF Movie (2015)

  • “Star Wars: The Dragon Star Saber”, Short Film (2016)

  • “Tanods”, Web Series, 1 episode (2016)

  • “Daredevil vs. Punisher vs. Elektra”, Short Film (2016)

  • “AWOL”, Movie (2016)

  • “Teen Dragon”, Short Film (2016)

  • “Crossbones vs. Ninja Commando”, Short Film (2016)

  • “Pilapil”, Movie (2016)

  • “Justice League vs. Avengers”, Short Film (2016)

  • “The Suit / The Machine”, Web Series, 5 episodes (2016 – Present)

  • “Ang Manananggal sa Unit 23B”, Movie (2016)

  • “Deadtime Travels”, Short Film (2016)

  • “Blood Hunters: Rise of the Hybrids”, Movie (2017)

  • “Pinay Angel”, Short Film (2017)

  • “Jane Wick”, Short Film (2017)

  • “Heroes are Forever”, Short Film (2017)

  • “Fearless”, Music Video (2017)

  • “Hero’s Tale”, Movie (2018)

  • “Not Your Day”, Short Film (2018)

  • “ Fitness and Nutrition Interviews”, Web Series, 2 episodes (2018)

  • “Himagsikan”, Movie (2018)

  • “Package: Golden Holiday”, Korean Movie (2018)

  • “2GO Express LDR”, Commercial (2018)

  • “Low Blow Connection”, Short Film (2018)

  • Cignal one shot action scene, Commercial (2018)


  • “Talents Manila Ramp Show”, Ramp Modeling, 2013

  • “Preview Magazine”, Modeling Event, 2014

  • “Acer Predator”, Live Stunt Show, 2016

  • “Asiapop Comic Con”, Live Booth Show, 2016

  • “Collecticon”, Live Stage Show, 2016

  • “Komiket”, Live Stage Show, 2016

  • “Komikon”, Live Stage Show, 2016

  • “Star Wars: Rogue One Premiere”, Live Stage Show, 2016

  • “Tagcom”, Live Stage Show, 2017

  • “Sinagtala”, Theater, 2017

  • “Mystery Manila at Unilab”, Host, 2017

  • “Mystery Manila at Mead Johnson”, Host, 2017

  • “Toycon”, Live Booth Show, 2017

  • “Asiapop Comic Con”, Live Booth Show, 2017

  • “Baltimore Comic Con”, Live Booth Show, 2017

  • Asiapop Comic Con, Live Booth Show, 2018


  • “Manulife”, Brochure, 2014

  • “Wedding Shoot”, 2014