Lis Fortun

Lis Fortun


Actor & Singer for Theater

As writer, actor and singer, it is safe to say that Lis Fortun is a triple-threat. Growing up as “the voice” in her family, Lis has developed a deep sense of love for singing that lead her to explore theater and music in St. Scholastica where she studied and has since then been involved in a number of school plays and performances. She furthered training under the Music School of Ryan Cayabyab back in 2011 and has been part of their voice recitals and musical theater for 7 years. In college, Lis, who was taking up AB Communications in De La Salle University Manila, was exposed to the world of production. She is currently in Make Believe Productions’ Songs from the Little Prince as The Fox. Lis hopes to inspire people with her work with the greater understanding of one’s world and soul after each performance.

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